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Medicare/Medicaid Credentialing

Rather than wondering if you have correctly completed the necessary paperwork, let our experienced staff handle your Medicare and Medicaid credentialing. We'll make sure you submit the right information and follow the process through, saving you time and aggravation.

Allowing Acevedo Consulting's team to assist you with completing and submitting Medicare and Medicaid enrollment applications will ease the inevitable pressures of this process.

  • Medicare

    • Individual​ Providers (e.g., Physicians/NPPs)

    • Group Practices

    • IDTFs/Mobile Imaging

    • DME Suppliers

  • Medicaid​

Acevedo Consulting will provide guidance as the required information for the Health Care Clinic License is gathered, completed and submitted to the Agency for Health Care Administration. We will also assist in any follow up requests from the Agency of Health Care Administration needed to facilitate issuance of the license.

  • Health Care Clinic Licenses

  • Health Care Clinic Establish Permit

  • CLIA

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