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Acevedo Consulting Incorporated (ACI) and Hospice Fundamentals are proud to present the launch of Home Health Fundamentals on October 25, 2022, an innovative subscription package that delivers essential regulatory and compliance information.


Why Home Health Fundamentals?


Understanding that the Home Health Care industry is full of changes and complex regulations, Home Health Fundamentals will provide you the tools you need to make this work “in real life” and the resources to use on day one! Our goal is to keep you up to date on regulatory concerns and current trends, while providing a resource on how to apply this in your day-to-day operations.

Those of you already familiar with Hospice Fundamentals will feel right at home. There is a natural synergy between the two subscription services and we look forward to continuing our trusted reputation within the Hospice Industry on into Home Health Care. We are excited to be able to offer this additional benefit to our Hospice Fundamental’s subscribers and the Home Health Agencies nationwide.


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