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Denise Caposella

Senior Consultant


Denise has particular expertise with the specialties of hospice and palliative care. She has assisted hospice and palliative care clients nationwide with a variety of organizational needs relative to the industry. Her operational management experience and knowledge of the hospice and palliative care industry has been helpful to the firm's clients as they evaluate current billing processes and identify areas for potential improvement. She also serves as the Independent Review Organization (IRO) representative for hospices in accordance with their Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIA) with the OIG. Denise has also conducted several educational webinars for the industry, including for state hospice and palliative care organizations.

Denise has more than 30 years of healthcare experience. Throughout her career, Denise's focus has been physician practice and operations management. Her past experience spans the gamut between managing a medium-sized physician practice to being responsible for all South Florida specialty practices managed by a publicly traded physician practice management firm, to holding the title of Executive Director of a freestanding Ambulatory Surgery Center.

The first Associate Consultant with Acevedo Consulting, Denise has particular expertise in coding, chart audits, documentation and compliance for physician and non-physician practitioners. She has assisted clients nationwide with these and many other organizational needs. Her experience in operational management brings our clients invaluable expertise in the operational aspects of organizations' billing processes and identifying areas for potential improvement.

Denise is also the founder and current President of the Carlos Raymond Saavedra Foundation (CRS), a non-profit charitable organization benefiting children with life-threatening or debilitating diseases and providing support for various pediatric disease-related organizations in honor of Carlos Raymond Saavedra's survival.

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