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Quiz for Session 1: 2023 E/M Changes, July 14th 2023: 

Please complete the following quiz after you have watched the webinar:

What activity cannot be counted towards total visit time when basing the E/M service on time
Time spent documenting in the EMR can be counted up to 5 days after the date of the visit.
When basing the E/M service on MDM, all 3 MDM elements must be met or exceeded to determine the level of E/M.
Documentation of SDoH (Social Determinates of Health) supports what level of risk under MDM?
A home visit for an established patient would be reported by what E/M code when the MDM was: Moderate Problem Complexity; Low Data; High Level of Risk?

Thank you for attending the on demand webinar and submitting the quiz. Results will be forwarded to Empath for review.

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