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Quiz for Session 2: Prolonged Services, Split/Shared, ACP, July 21st 2023 

Please complete the following quiz after you have watched the webinar:

Under CMS rules, Split/Shared services can be performed in any setting
What modifier is appended to the E/M code when reporting a Split/Shared service to Medicare?
CPT recognizes which two new CPT codes when reporting prolonged services?
Which prolonged service code does CMS recognize effective January 1, 2023?
A provider may only report 1 unit of any of the new prolonged services codes (99417-99418, G0316-G0318, G2212)
Time spent in discussion of short-term treatment options can be counted towards Advance Care Planning time
ACP services may be reported more than once in what circumstance?

Thank you for attending the on demand webinar and submitting the quiz. Results will be forwarded to Empath for review.

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